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re: Newcorp Announcement


Newcorp have put in a forum appearance

It all sounds promising:



I’d like to confirm for the Pathfinder Online community that we are working very hard to acquire Pathfinder Online and to continue development at a faster pace than before.

What is the status of the acquisition?

We are finalizing a purchase agreement and a licensing agreement with Paizo. These agreements have been in development for some time but they are contingent on a successful capital raise to be executed.

The crucial next task is to finalize a significant capital infusion into our company. We have been working on this task since our discussions with Paizo began. The culmination of these efforts is expected to result in funding commitments by the end of July.

The current target date for the acquisition is August 1, 2016.

What are your plans for Pathfinder Online?

We plan to continue development with a vision similar to that pursued by Goblinworks, with minor changes in emphasis resulting from crowdforging in the forums and from key feature lists generated by the settlements.

Pathfinder Online is inspired by and builds on the Pathfinder universe. Players with widely varying skill sets band together to explore and tame a hostile wilderness; players gather resources and knowledge to build outposts, holdings, and settlements; and factions clash with rival factions as they fight to flourish in a persistent fantasy world.

We believe that the primary reason Pathfinder Online has not succeeded thus far is that insufficient resources were available to the development team to build their vision in an effective manner. That is why we have pushed to obtain significant resources to continue the effort. We are planning for an ongoing 25 person development team.

We expect to attract tens of thousand of players to Pathfinder Online when the product is officially released and we will be prepared to scale to this size and more.

We are allocating a significant level of funds for marketing the game when it is ready for general release. We will be fully leveraging the strong bond between Paizo and Pathfinder Online to ensure that the general Pathfinder community is fully apprised of the incredible adventures that await them in the Pathfinder Online representation of Golarion.

We are working hard to ensure that your support of Pathfinder Online will be rewarded with a highly entertaining and evolving product for years to come.

We will have a great deal more to share with the community when the capital commitment is obtained and the acquisition is completed.

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re: Newcorp Announcement


And another update:


Despite herculean efforts from all involved, the acquisition will not be completed by August 1, 2016, but everything is still moving forward.

Why did the date slip?  We underestimated the time it would take to work through due diligence for our capital raise. It is remarkably time consuming.  But we are getting closer to our goal. We remain committed to this process, and we are taking over the operating costs of the game in August to reinforce that commitment.

The revised target date for the acquisition is September 1, 2016.

We expect to provide more information about the status of the capital raise by August 15.  Yes, we expect to provide this information before the acquisition is completed.

We continue to read the forums - your ideas and comments are greatly appreciated.

Since things are taking longer than expected, here are a few additional statements for your consideration…

Although not currently planned, if necessary we will give advance notice of changes to current (or previously announced) mechanics and we expect to provide a way for players to make a reasonable transition to any modified mechanics.

Our plan is to significantly improve the new player experience.  This may not affect you directly if you are a veteran player, but it will help you enormously as you recruit new members for your companies and your settlements.  It should increase the membership of newly arriving factions as well…(yes, factions)

Social features will be a priority.

PvP will be an exciting and rewarding aspect of game play but it will not dominate the breadth of activities available to players.  Interesting interactions between PvP and PvE will make the sandbox an extremely rich environment to play in. 

We will be updating the client technology to use version 5+ of the Unity 3D game engine.  There are some very interesting reasons why… but we’ll talk about that more in the future.

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