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re: Minor update from Lisa


From the GW forums:


One of the things I have striven for with Pathfinder Online is a sense of transparency, where you get to see behind the curtain far more than you do with most games. When it comes to investment, there are NDAs that prevent as much of that as I would like; however, there are some things I can share with you that will give you a better idea where we stand at this time.

NewCorp has been able to get commitments for two thirds of the money needed to fund the finishing of Pathfinder Online, but the final third has been difficult to say the least. Multiple times over the past 8 months, we have felt that we were days away from the final commitment only to have it fall apart at the last minute. If you look over the past NewCorp updates, you could probably pinpoint exactly when those events happened by the tone of the posts. Nothing is as frustrating as putting in all the time and effort into making those deals happen only to have them fall apart.

NewCorp has a very exciting meeting at the end of this week with a company that I hope can close that gap in funding. It is a super critical meeting and I want all of their efforts focused entirely on bringing the funding home so we can move onward towards the next phase. Which is why I agreed to take back over the community updates. If you see another update from NewCorp, it will be because they have closed the deal and are ready to move forward.

As all of this has been going on, I have been keeping Pathfinder Online up and running, with a small but dedicated team squashing bugs and putting in small features. We have been in this mode for over a year now. Many of you have probably guessed that our team shrank a bit more over the last year. We lost Mark around October of last year and Mike took another job in January of this year. They and many other former employees have been very helpful since they left, but for most of this year, it has been just Bob and Cole holding down the fort. I am truly honored with the loyalty and commitment those two have shown to the game and to me in very uncertain times. Either of them could have left in search of greener pastures, but they have both stood strong with me through the year, believing in the future of the game and wanting to be a part of it.

A new build went up on ZOG today with a bunch of bug fixes, including (cross your fingers) that annoying blue-screen bug that comes when you charge or evade sometimes. Feel free to help Bob put the build through its paces.

I will do my best to keep you updated as news arrives. If funding comes during October, you will be the first to find out. If not, then I will provide another update at the end of October.

It has truly been an honor to lead this community during these difficult times. As many of you know, the leadership role for Pathfinder Online was thrust upon me over a year ago, but your support and passion for the game have carried me through the year and made it much more manageable. It has been the Pathfinder Online community that has kept the dream alive through your continued subscriptions and feedback on the forums. I know how hard this community plays the game because I play just as hard, as many of you know. We may have our differences in the game at times, but all in all, this community has been one of the best I have been around. Thank you for all you have done for the game, both in the past, and in the coming months.

Wish me and NewCorp luck as we attempt to finish funding this month and thanks again for all you do.

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