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re: KOTC History


The following is the history of our group as best as I can remember it:


Keepers of the Circle first joined PFO on December 18, 2012 with a recruitment post on the paizo forum ( The first members were made up of a tabletop gaming group from the U.S. The concept for KOTC came from their pathfinder characters - each representing a Ring in the great Circle. This formed the basis of what would become the 8 Rings and the Sentinel and Watcher.

Bristol Glory was the first Sentinel of KOTC. Hroderich was the first Guardian of Steel. Leonidas Wahrheit was the first Guardian of Light. Aggra was the first Guardian of Crystal. Calhoun Farstrider was the first Guardian of Wood. Karter Draven was the first Guardian of Shadow.
As the first land rush was approaching, Keepers spoke with many different groups to learn who shared similar visions of the game and who we could count as allies. The Roseblood Accord was started by The Seventh Veil and The Empyrean Order to find like-minded groups that shared their vision and would make good allies. Keepers of the Circle was one of the first groups along with the companies that would eventually make up Hammerfall and Blackwood Glade. This Accord slowly became more of a "don't be a jerk" Accord and several more Companies joined it.
Keepers of the Circle grew in size as more people saw potential in the concept. In fact, the original members never dreamed it would become so popular. We drafted a new charter in preparation for not only the game itself but for the land rush. KOTC did well, landing a number 4 spot (number 3 for gaining a Settlement). You can see the land rush totals screenshot in the Gallery under "Other".
Sometime during the land rush KOTC held their first election. Many of the creators got busy with life and we had some open positions. The winners were: WxCougar as Sentinel, Nymerias as Watcher, Huran Ahman as Guardian of Steel, Fruben as Guardian of Light, Hark as Guardian of Crystal, Calhoun Farstrider as Guardian of Wood, Lorhayden as Guardian of Shadow, Erian El'ranelen as Guardian of Gold, Dare as Guardian of Iron and Chaiguy as Guardian of Earth.
With new leadership and a new public charter (as well as an internal more detailed Charter), we posted an updated recruiting message on the paizo forum ( as well as moved from pro boards to guild launch.
During the landrush, we were joined by a mage mercenary group, Drakes of Magic, with Baki as the leader. He was testing out the game for his group of friends. (Unfortunately, they have since stopped playing).
Keeper's Pass soon became our home once the game arrived and Settlements were in. We had always envisioned ourselves to be a crafting town and chose that template when offered a choice. This continued once we were able to build our own buildings and we added a seminary and Temple to Sarenrae as she fit many of Keeper's ideals.
Other people who served on the Inner Circle were: Carbon D Metric (Watcher), Zaluke (Watcher, Wood), Drake (Earth), Huran Ahman (Iron), Kage (Shadow) and Frostrazor (Wood).
The 2016 Council: WxCougar (Sentinel), Huran Ahman (Steel), Edam (Light), Rufus (Crystal), Kazil (Iron), and Radon Gawn (Earth)
Keeper's Pass was soon joined by another company known as The Blades of Cambreadth - a mercenary group. (Unfortunately they have also since stopped playing).
The Everbloom Alliance was started just before Alpha began and was made up of the following Settlements: Riverbank, Blackwood Glade, Hammerfall, Phaeros, Keeper's Pass and Brighthaven. Riverbank became Pathfinder University and left the alliance to remain neutral. The first major war on the server broke out between Golgotha and the Everbloom Alliance. Blackwood Glade was a casualty in this war, as events led to a massacre and loss of lots of materials. The members of the settlement then left the game. Hammerfall was a target as well, and eventually their leadership left the game - tired of the pressures of leading a small settlement amongst other problems. Keeper's Pass was initially left alone but soon came under target as well as Golgotha believed us to be a supplier in the war (not really true, but we did field troops to help allies and gain pvp experience). This War continued for quite some time but eventually died off sometime in Early Enrollment.
On September 1st, 2015 the Everbloom Alliance voted to dissolve. Keeper's Pass chose to remain neutral politically and remains an independent Settlement.
The 2017 Inner Circle includes: WxCougar (Sentinel), Huran Ahman (Steel), Edam (Light), Gilthorian (Crystal), Kazil (Iron), Radon Gawn (Earth), and Yarus (Wood)

Nadya Peraina (Varisian Rogue Archer. Seneschal. Back up Weaver) Falita Ahman (Kelishite Cleric/Bard. Sage and Iconographer)
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