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re: Test Server Tomorrow Activity


From Forum by Bob:


In accordance with the rules of war that will be set forth in a document to be written up shortly when my brain is less flu-addled, Goblinville hereby declares its intent to siege Wolfdale until it is no more, or at least until its leaders give us something sufficiently shiny and distracting.

As GM, I've verified that Goblinville has all the necessary siege equipment in its vaults, and has moved its PvP window to ensure it overlaps that of Wolfdale. I've also checked Wolfdale to see what buildings it has, what its current settlement level is, and how much bulk resources it has in its upkeep vault. With that I can calculate Wolfdale's defenses and the maximum amount of damage that needs to be done to it even if Wolfdale adds more bulk resources or buildings during the siege.

Goblinville Public Company is also feuding the two Wolfdale companies that have holdings in neighboring hexes in preparation for starting to take those down tomorrow, and will begin placing siege equipment in the hexes that are already empty. Goblinville Public Company's PvP window is from 7:05 to 10:05 PM Pacific and I'll be on Zog around 7 PM Pacific to kick things off.



This is about an hour after our usual Adventure Night start time if folks were interested in doing some holding take overs on the test server.

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