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re: Small Holding Changes


Bob from forums:\



I'm not sure everyone noticed this in the release notes, but upkeep for player housing doesn't get automatically pulled from a vault or from a character's Abadar credit. It must be paid manually using the building's Management window. You don't need to bring coins to the building, you can just pay from Abadar credit, but you do have to go to the building to make payments. You can pay up to 6 weeks of upkeep in advance, so this essentially requires that you check in at your housing at least every 6 weeks to avoid losing your spot. Upkeep was done this way in large part to help us get unused Freeholds out of the way so that other players could put Freeholds down in those hexes.

If a Freehold that's not in a settlement gets torn down for lack of upkeep, you'll get your deed back, but just like any other time a Freehold is torn down away from a settlement, any items in its vault are put in a husk. You don't want to store more in a Freehold than you're willing to lose if upkeep somehow doesn't get paid.

All the existing Freeholds were given a week of free rent so that they wouldn't get torn down, but that week is running out. If this escaped your attention and you won't be able to get to your Freehold in time, contact and we'll work something out.
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