A Visitor's Guide to Keeper's Pass


Respecting life, protecting freedom, united against tyranny



Planning to travel in the Echo Wood Region of the River Kingdoms? Do you need a place to stay, or to call home? Then come check out Keeper's Pass! We have something for everyone.



Keeper's Pass is a bustling town founded by the Keepers of the Circle during the early days of the second landrush. The members of this organization wished to build a settlement promoting freedom and non-aggression. Keeper's Pass recognizes and celebrates the diversity that is prevalent in the River Kingdoms, and so all races are welcome to visit and live within the town.


The lands belonging to Keeper's Pass include the 6 hexes around the Settlement and all hexes that have a Holding belonging to the following companies: Keepers of the Circle, Crafters of the Pass, Observers of the Pass and Defenders of the Pass. Keeper's Pass also watches over the monster hex northeast of town, known as Ogre's Canyon.


The ruling structure is a representative democracy. The Inner Circle of Keepers of the Circle hold voting rights on the Settlement Council. The leaders of each Company residing in Keeper’s Pass are invited to participate in the Council meetings. The voices of all people are important to the ruling body of Keeper’s Pass, and all citizens are invited to bring new ideas and concerns to the Council for consideration.


 Keeper's Pass is a neutral good settlement valuing personal freedom and the adherence to reasonable laws. All who do not seek to threaten this balance are welcome within.


Keeper's Pass is home to a temple of Sarenrae to honor the neutral good goddess of light and redemption. However, citizens are free to worship any non-evil deity they wish and in the future there may be more temples and shrines.

 How To Get Here

Keeper's Pass is centrally located on a rocky plateau, accessible by passes to the north, east and southwest. The eastern pass falls under the aegis of Brighthaven, capital of The Empyrean Order. The southwest pass more properly falls in the domain of the town, rising up just south of the marshy lands that are home to Toad Hollow. The town is working diligently to ensure that the roads from all passes are established and well maintained for ease of travel.

 What To See

One can take in the breathtaking views of the southern forest as well as catch a glimpse of the town of Phaeros, capital of The Seventh Veil. Turning toward the town, one can visit any of the eight Districts, each one associated with the eight Rings of the founding company. As the town was built to be a major trade and crafting hub for the region, one may be drawn toward The Golden Ring Market in the Gold District. We welcome all visitors to come visit this market, where items are brought in from not only the local towns but from all across the Echo Wood region of the River Kingdoms. Another site not to be missed is the forges and the craftsman shops in the Iron District. Here, brilliant craftsman work on their wares and sell them to the public. Some may even host tours of their shops to the curious. But these are just a few of the many places one could visit in Keeper’s Pass!

 What To Do

Aside from sightseeing in the area, Keeper's Pass provides many other activities. If you are tired and wish to relax for the day with good food and drink, The Laughing Ogre Alehouse may be your answer. Do you like social events or parties? Then keep an ear out for various socials and contests held by different Districts. And don't forget to check out the annual Festival of the Onion, an event steeped in fun, games, and tradition. There is something for everyone, from those interested in a little roleplay to those who prefer a lot of roleplay.

 Where To Work

Construction, hunting, and gathering are just a few of the activities that are hosted in the Earth and Wood Districts. We just ask that all harvesters stop harvesting a hex if degradation of the material is observed. Preserving our natural resources is important to us. Every District has work to be done, so Keeper’s Pass can accommodate almost any interest.

 Stay Safe

Security is a priority for Keeper's Pass and two Districts provide protection for the citizens and visitors of the town. You may often see members of Steel patrolling the streets inside and outside the walls. Occasionally you may see a flicker in the shadow, but often times you won't even see members of Shadow keeping an eye on anything going amiss. Know that with both of these groups on the watch, Keeper's Pass cares for your safety.

 Stay Healthy

If you are starting to feel unwell, or perhaps you need someone to talk to, make sure you stop by the Light District. The members of this area are there to help in whatever means they can. Many of the more prominent temples will be located in this District if you wish to improve upon your spiritual health.


Do you value freedom, and non-aggression? Do you wish to help build a great safe-haven and encourage advancement in all areas while growing a community of people? Then Keeper’s Pass is for you! All companies who choose to live in Keeper’s Pass retain their individuality; there is no requirement to join the Keepers of the Circle to live here. We respect and cherish diversity and want Keeper’s Pass to be a place for all neutral and good –aligned people to flourish.

If you wish to join with us in Keeper's Pass, you may contact WxCougar in PM on the Paizo boards or on our guildlaunch site.

 In Parting

We hope you enjoy your stay here in Keeper's Pass. And we hope you consider us as your home or base of operations so long as you respect life, freedom, and non-aggression.